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Mehndi/Henna is temporary dye or stain on body.A paste is created from the crushed leaves of the henna plant combined with other organic ingredients, Like oil, lemon juice, and black tea. The paste is applied to the skin of hands and feet, and when removed after 24 hours, it leaves beautiful markings that last from 2 to 3 weeks.

Mehndi Tradition

Since gone are the day’s Mehndi paste was applied with help of matchstick or wooden pointer stick it takes a very constant hand to apply the henna Designs accurately. But it was not properly Designs. Now the trend has to be changed and Mehdi applicator makes easy to make any kind of Designs. Either its floral leaves geometrical pattern. You can easy find with the name henna cone/ cone Mehndi which is wrapped in cone shaped. Mehndi has been popular for over five thousand years; Mehndi has also served as a symbol of health, good luck, and sensuality in Mid East, India, Pakistan, Nepal and other Asian countries.

Mehndi Styles and Types

Mehndi/henna Designs are very popular in various countries of the world. In Asia it’s more popular than western countries like Mideast, India, Morocco and in Pakistan. Tradition of Mehndi is very old and it’s still popular day by day and applied according to latest fashion. Mehndi is basically a sort of an organic absorb dyes created from the leaves and stem of the Mehndi/henna tree. Women apply Mehndi on their hand, arms,feet,ankle and various body parts. Mehndi is becoming applied as a non-permanent tattoo too. One of the Mehndi type is black henna or Mehndi is most popular in western countries. Black Mehndi particularly has received a great level of popularity in the temporary tattoo field. Celebrities in holly wood apply tattoos on different body parts which gives an accomplish look to their personality. . There is much type of Mehndi Designs like.
• Arabic Mehndi Designs.
• Indian Mehndi Designs.
• Tattoo Mehndi Designs.
These are the most common types of Mehndi that girls and women demands to apply. Some other types of Mehndi Designs are
• Indian Mehndi Designs
• Arabic Mehndi Designs
• Tattoo Mehndi Designs
• Glitter Mehndi Designs
• Fancy Mehndi Designs
• Simple Mehndi Designs
• Mehndi As Fashion
• Mehndi Body Art

• Top most best Mehndi Designs and more. With latest style and Designs for each and every festival like EId, Karwa chot, wedding etc. Bridal Mehndi Designs are most important for the bridals. Especially in Aisian culture Mehndi must be applied on bride hand and feet and sometimes on arms. These are very intricate and beautiful Designs. Another most popular event is Mehndi Party the most ritual in India and Pakistan in which organize the party before the wedding day and accept bridal all girls and women apply Mehndi on their hands and singing songs on dholki and play dandiya dance. .
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