Darken Mehndi Colour Tips

Darken Mehndi Colour Tips


How To darken Mehndi Colour On Hand And Feet

Every girl,women wish’s that her Darken Mehndi Colour on hands is darker. Specially the bridal Mehndi , because of the myth behind that if Mehndi is darken her husband loves her and some one says about the husbands mother loves the bride . Some women’s do not try tips because naturally the color of Mehndi on their hands is darken .There are so many tips to darken the mehndi on you hands and feet. Its better to Darken Mehndi Colour in herbal way instead of applying instant darken color Mehndi full of chemicals also harmful for your skin.
Here we have solution of your this bigger problem hope these tips are helpful to darken your Mehndi.

  1.  First Apply Mehndi and leave for at least four to five hours.
  2.  When your mehndi get dry apply sugar solution.
  3. And wrap it with tissue paper (because most of the girls complaint that their design is ruin because of sugar solution) .
  4.  After 4 hours remove Mehndi, but do not wash with water.
  5. Now apply coconut oil on hands and leave for at least 12 hours or 1 day.
  6. You will surprised to see the color of Mehndi get reddish brown.
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