Tattooing On Your Body

The process of tattooing is technical with specific technique you can apply tattoo.A tattoo is ink that has been pushed down into the middle layers of the skin. What makes it stay is the placement,
about one eighth of an inch down, at just the right depth. Too deep and the body will absorb and remove the ink,
leaving an uneven or pale design. Tattoo too shallowly and the design will “heal out” and be carried away when the
surface scab drops off the tattoo. Read More

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Stylish Wrist Tattoo Designs

Band Wrist Tattoo Designs is one of favorite area to get tattooed as it’s one of seen parts for people to look at your design.Even though they are not very genuine,they can be fashionable and graceful.On the other hand people may face serious pain to obtain a band wrist tattoo as the wrists has much less fats just like the feet,a wrist tattoo possess no more chance than  any some other positioning location Read More

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Latest Yellow Mehndi Dresses For Mehndi Party

Mehndi party have importance day by day in India and Pakistan . In Mehndi function yellow mehndi dresses became very popular, the bride and the bridesmaid wants to look stunning and gorgeous. For that they wear specially design yellow and green dresses to look trendy and stylish on Mehndi party as they specially apply Mehndi Design on their hands and feet. Here you find the perfect yellow dresses for your Mehndi party.

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Mehndi Designs

Mehndi Designs On Foot

Foot Mehndi Designs are mostly popular for bridals. Bridal from Aisia is must apply on their hands and feet, therefore different culture have different ways to apply Mehndi, like Indian Mehndi Designs, Pakistani Mehndi Designs and Arabic Mehndi Designs. Read More

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Mehndi Designs

Latest Indian Mehndi Designs

One of the most popular Mehndi Designs among Aisian countries are Indian Mehndi Designs Indian Mehndi designs. Indian Mehndi designs are popular because of its intricate Mehndi Styles. Indian Mehndi Designs can not apply easily the you need a proper Mehndi designer to apply these complicate designs becase these designs needs lot of concentration and perfection for accuracy and time consuming. Read More

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Ubtan Recipe

Ubtan is a paste mostly apply bridals to make their complexion clean and fair there are so many recipes of Ubtan, all recipes are useful and gives a better Results. Ubtan is not expensive as beauty creams . You can also buy from market but most people prefer home made Ubtan in their own ways. Read More

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Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic Mehndi Designs are not intricate but these are prominent Mehndi Designs. Arabic Mehndi Designs are very popular in Middle East countries, special techniques are used in dense application of Arabic Mehndi. Arabic Mehndi is beautiful adornment on your hands and feet . The unique pattern floral and leafs are mostly used in Arabic Mehndi Designs Pattern . Women from India and Pakistan Arabic Mehndi are also like to apply Arabic designs . Here we collect some Arabic Mehndi Designs have a look. Read More

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Applying Mehndi on Hairs

Mehndi is great source of dying apply Mehndi On Hairs is easy ,you can dye your hairs your own at home.Mixing henna powder for your hair is the same as it is when mixing for skin. Just as you need to leave the paste on your skin for hours you
will also need to leave the paste (or mud) on your hair for hours.

Once you have applied the paste on your hair, wrap your scalp with clingfilm and put a warm
hat or towel over your head. After 6 hours wash it out by wetting it thoroughly. Read More

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How To darken Mehndi Colour On Hand And Feet

Every girl,women wish’s that her Darken Mehndi Colour on hands is darker. Specially the bridal Mehndi , because of the myth behind that if Mehndi is darken her husband loves her and some one says about the husbands mother loves the bride . Some women’s do not try tips because naturally the color of Mehndi on their hands is darken .There are so many tips to darken the mehndi on you hands and feet. Its better to Darken Mehndi Colour in herbal way instead of applying instant darken color Mehndi full of chemicals also harmful for your skin. Read More

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How to Apply Mehndi?

Before you learn how to Apply Mehndi on your hands and feet ,you must know how you can make your own powder by drying henna leaves in shade. It might take weeks for them to dry to a crisp and you need to grind them thoroughly. You may also buy henna powder from the market.


1.Henna powder sieved through a muslin cloth.
2. Well strained strong tea decoration.
3. Eucalyptus oil (few drops).
4. Strained lime juice.
5. Sugar (one table spoon).


Take the henna powder in a bowl, add the tea till it becomes ,a thick paste (similar to a dough). Add eucalyptus oil,
sugar and lime juice and mix well to make it into a smooth
and thin paste.Leave it covered over night or during the day if you prefer to apply in the night.

Make a Cone

Take a thick plastic cover or use any thick freezer bag – cut it into shape of rectangle 7″ X 4″. Twist one
corner of the cover to make a cone. Tighten the tip to make tiny hole. Hold the tip and fill the paste and tie
the broader end tightly with a thread.You also get ready made cones from the market.

Let Imagination Fly

Now have fun. What ever you draw is beautiful and is a master piece in its own.


You should leave the Mehndi to dry on your skin and keep it on for as long as possible (4 to 6 hours if possible – you
may go to bed also with it). Scrape it after that. The color will become deeper if you leave it untouched by water for
another 4 to 6 hours. A deep color may last up to two weeks.
The coloration varies from person to person.

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